Laura Clink

creative juices

Creative Juices are a freelance bartending service who offer up classic cocktails with a twist at events across the uk.


Creative Juices have an obsession with quality and a commitment to fresh ingredients. To reflect this they were looking for a sleek and professional logo with a creative twist.

The main logo was created to have a timeless look that ties in a feeling of playfulness with experience.


The concept for creative juices was born under a Spanish sunset, hence the colours were chosen specifically to reflect the warmth of a Summer’s day but with a classy edge. They intend to add a youthful feel to the brand.


Botanical illustrations tie the branding together while playing on the use of fresh produce.


Early concepts implementing a range of botanical sketches.

We are blown away. The designs are exactly what we were after and show clearly how much work has been put in. It’s making us even more excited about our future than we already were.
— Polly & Joe, Creative Juices