Laura Clink
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A 0% alcohol spirit that makes sobriety more accessible for young people.

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The stigma that comes with sobriety often leads to intense questioning about an individual's decision to go sober. This can cause people to feel isolated, out of place or pressured and is especially apparent in a University environment.

Due to a lack of non-alcoholic options it is difficult to find an alternative and join in pre-drinks as normal. 

'Curious' is designed for those who want to try going out sober, whether that's just to see what it's like or to save themselves from a hangover.

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The 3 flavours mimic the tastes of real spirits, allowing the drinker to forget their sobriety and mix their drink as they normally would.

For secrecy, the 350ml bottles are ordered online and delivered through the buyers letterbox in an unbranded box.

The buyer is then instructed to peel off the 'Curious' label to reveal a fake brand below which looks like an average vodka or gin bottle picked up in a corner shop.

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