Laura Clink
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One third of women won’t even leave their house to go food shopping unless they are wearing makeup - highlighting key issues in confidence and acceptance.

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Many women are overly conscious of how others perceive them and can be each other’s biggest critics, so the aim was to create an inclusive brand that focuses on empowerment rather than judgement.

The unique jelly texture of the product can be used to either add minimal coverage or to remove makeup, offering women the freedom of choice depending on their needs that day. The Fearless brand is honest and casual, with no false claims or ‘in your face’ advertising.

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These cards come with every order of the product (varying each time) and promote fearlessness and empowerment.

They include a manifesto, ‘how to use’ guide, inspirational quotes and tips to excel in the workplace or succeed in love. This offers the customer support and creates conversation. 

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